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On Assignment Healthcare Jobs

I moved across the country to take my first travel assignment in Boise, Idaho. When I need a break from the craziness that is my job, there is no lack of breathtaking scenery to gaze upon or beautiful mountains to hike!

My dog and I travel the world together. She is my adventure buddy to the moon and back.

I am a culture enthusiast. While on a travel assignment in Sacramento, California I ate some delicious authentic homemade Greek, Indian, and Filipino food which was a treat from my daily routine. I also made a lot of good friends. A big 'thanks!' to my recruiter Bobby.

During my Arizona assignment, I hiked to Havasupai Falls and camped at the Indian reservation at the bottom. From there, I hiked down to the Colorado River and back. In all, I covered 36 miles in three days, and it was the most beautiful, serene environment I have ever been in!

Working in Spokane, Washington was amazing. Jasper National Park in Canada is just a road trip away and it's one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I even saw a grizzly! Luckily, he must have already had his lunch …

This is my first day as a gypsy. Yes , my car is all packed and I am ready to go. What adventures, challenges, and accomplishments lie before me!

I've been on many adventures as a Traveling RN in Alaska. I've seen so many great places, encountered different cultures, and met several new friends.

My first travel assignment brought me to the home of bourbon! Lexington and UKMC have definitely been a delight to explore. From hiking to learning the art of distilling the nation's best bourbons, my experience here has been a wonderful starting point. I cannot wait to explore the United States further!

Here are my Travel Nursing sisters at the Hoover Dam. One is an OR nurse in New York City, the other is an ER nurse in San Diego. We are all sisters, all nurses.

My friend and I decided to live outside of our comfort zone for 13 weeks. So, we made the most of our first travel assignment by taking road trips. On our days off, we would drive to San Jose, San Francisco, and Carmel, California. We will always cherish that trip.

I am so glad to have been able to combine the two things I love most, being a nurse and traveling. I'm thankful for medical solutions for allowing Leonardo to travel with me where ever I go. He has loved exploring the United States as much as I have. Thanks for making my dream come true.

I spent my first travel assignment in New Orleans, Louisiana during Mardi Gras, then made my way up the East Coast, where I worked as a summer camp nurse. I spent a gorgeous autumn in New England, and then traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for the winter. I spend my assignments eating all the good food, adventuring outdoors with my dog, and baking goodies to send back home!

While I was on assignment in Auburn, Washington, I visited the Olympic National Park. It hosts the largest unmanaged herd of Roosevelt elk in the Pacific Northwest. It was so amazing!

My husband and I decided to start living married life by adventuring together. We will be celebrating our first year of marriage in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We have loved every minute of traveling and experiencing new things together.

If you seek adventure and enjoy new, flexible work environments than travel nursing is the right path for you!

As a huge baseball fan, traveling has given me the opportunity to see many games. This past weekend, I was able to meet one of my favorite baseball players. He even took time to take a picture with me and sign my jersey!

Being a Travel Nurse is amazing because with each new assignment comes the chance to learn and grow in my career. Thanks to Medical Solutions, I am becoming a more diverse nurse. Medical Solutions has always been there for me. I honestly think I have the best recruiter possible.

I'm traveling across California with my family. From mountains to beaches and everything in between, California is full of fun!

I took a hike up one of the mountains in Aspen, Colorado. It was a snowy hour-and-a-half of steep incline to get to the top. When I reached the top, the stunning view made it all worth it. Few people get to enjoy this view in person!

Traveling has been quite an adventure. I have been able to hike and camp in the beautiful forest of the Olympic Peninsula. It's an amazing place to hike.


Finding the perfect Travel Nursing company is a lot like dating. You talk with tons of recruiters in an effort to learn more about the company. But at the end of the day, is there really such a thing as a perfect match for your career? At Medical Solutions, we believe there is.

Hit the road with Medical Solutions and you’ll experience the best service the Travel Nursing industry has to offer, plus the adventure, compensation, and excellent benefits you desire and deserve.

Being turned down for a job is always a tough experience. Rejection is never easy. But you cannot let it get you down. You should realize your ultimate success depends on how you deal with setbacks and failure. The key is resilience – bouncing back from adversity.

Everyone experiences failure, even those who are great successes. But all those successful people are that way because they learned how to recover from their failures and move ahead. Here are a few tips on how to keep your spirits up.

  1. Get involved. Do other things to get your mind off the job hunt. Get involved in your professional healthcare organization or some other group, take classes in something unrelated to your job, volunteer, become more active socially. Any of these things will help you maintain a healthier outlook.
  2. Take care of yourself. As a healthcare professional, you know the importance of exercise. So, make sure you get on a regular exercise routine. It gives a big boost to your mental and emotional health as well as your physical well-being. Also, keep to a healthy diet and make sure you get enough sleep, seven to eight hours a night.
  3. Stay in touch with friends and family. Having strong social ties is important for our mental health as well as our physical health. Don’t neglect these.
  4. Work on improving your job search skills. Work with your recruiter to determine what might have led to your rejection and what you need to change. Do you need more training? How did the interview go? Were there questions you might have been able to answer better? Did you prepare adequately? Did you show confidence and enthusiasm during the interview? Did you communicate your skills, experience and knowledge in the best way possible? You should look on this setback as an opportunity to make improvements, to do things better.
  5. Stick to a routine. Plan your day, come up with a schedule and stick to it. If you stay busy you will have less time to let your mind dwell on your setback.

Find a Great Travel Nursing Job

At Medpro Healthcare Staffing, we do everything we can to make sure you’ll get the job, working with you throughout the job-search process. We will learn about your skills and experience to find a job that matches your talents and personality. We have an extensive network of healthcare employers. If you are looking for some of the best travel nursing jobs, call MedPro today at 1-800-866-8108.

Looking for additional travel nursing career resources? Keep reading!

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