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Sujet Bac 2014 Maths Essay

II. Expression écrite

1. My favourite TV programme is Top Chef. When the programme first started, I wasn't really interested, as I didn't find cookery very inspiring. (Yes, you've guessed. I don't do the cooking at home! At least, I didn't before I started watching this programme.)
The concept behind Top Chef is similar to a great many other reality shows: every week, the participants have a new challenge, and at the end of the programme a jury announces which participants must leave the programme, so that in the end, the number of participants is just two for the grand finale.
Like other reality shows, you get to know the personality of the different participants and you start to indulge in analyzing their skills and rating their chances to reach the final stage. At the same time, you learn all about cooking and the different techniques that make it possible to create fantastic dishes even at home.
As I said, before I started watching Top Chef, I never even considered cooking. Now, I have competitions with my Mum to see who can produce the best meals –it's great fun!

2. Me: Hi! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. To start with, can you introduce yourself.
Rodriguez: Thank you for wanting to talk to me! My name is Roberto Rodriguez, and I'm an Aerospace Engineer.
Me: Are you Mexican? Your name sounds Spanish!
Rodriguez: No, I'm American. I come from Phoenix Arizona.
Me: Did you always want to work in the space industry?
Rodriguez: When I was really little, I wanted to be a firefighter like all little boys, but when I was 11, I went on a school trip to the Space Center at Houston, and that really inspired me to want to work in that domain.
Me: So have you done all your training in the United States?
Rodriguez: No, funnily enough, I got to do a two year university course in Strasbourg at the International Space University.
Me: So, can you speak French then?
Rodriguez: Yes, I can in fact. I speak both fluent French and Japanese!
Me: Wow! I'm impressed!



Text 1

 The right answer is .

He is 50.

He is a Google executive.

He has two children, Andie and William.

He lives near Los Altos, in Silicon Valley, California.

His children attend the Waldorf elementary and middle schools in Los Altos.

“there is not a computer to be found in the classroom” (l. 5-6)

“… relies on good, old-fashioned pencils, pen and paper, painting and knitting needles” (l. 9-10) / “the nine-classroom school boasts chalk blackboards and book shelves full of encyclopedias” (l. 25-27) / “Fifth grade pupils practice knitting socks to help their math and problem-solving skills, second graders play catch with bean bags…” (l. 36-38)

“While most principals are scrambling to find the cash for more computers…” (l. 13-14) / “Rather than routers and wireless connections…” (l. 25)

“Advocates of the Waldorf syllabus believe computers can inhibit attention spans and human interaction” (l. 15-17)

“Ann Flynn (…) told the Times that computers were essential” (l. 46-48) / “they are cheating our children” (l. 50)

 Waldorf schools tend to concentrate on tasks which are:

  • imaginative: “creative tasks” (l. 12)
  • active: “Fifth grade pupils practice knitting socks to help their math and problem-solving skills, second graders play catch with bean bags…” (l. 36−38)

Text 2

The article is about an in which had to find a solution to a . They had to use a to perform a . The conclusion was that sophisticated can diminish ability.

Both texts

Both texts are articles taken from the press, and deal with the fact that computers are not necessary to learn – on the contrary.

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s des séries L et L option LVA.

Like in the second text, the first text proves that without a computer, ­learners have to struggle more: for instance, the fact that they learn fractions through cutting apples is more difficult, and more rewarding, than through the use of calculators (l. 42).

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s de la série L option LVA.

On the one hand, Eagle’s attitude may seem paradoxical, as he works in the technological field, and seems to dismiss computers as an important part of childhood and learning. But on the other hand, we can say that he knows what he is talking about all the better, as he is fully aware of the potential consequences of a computer-loaded environment on human interaction.



“Darling, I think , the Waldorf school. I’ve been talking about it with my colleagues at Google, and they expressed their satisfaction at the way children are taught there.”

“Did they? What’s so different about it?”

“Well, , they use more traditional methods, like chalk and exercise-books, you know…”

“Are you talking about 19th-century methods? You must be kidding! No way! , and you know better than anyone else how important technology is nowadays! He’d feel totally lost and left out if…”

“Come on,” he interrupted, “Johnny doesn’t need to be online at three! He can learn all that later. In fact, he has plenty of time… I’ve read a study that said that using computers in the process of learning leads to more troubles than it seems. Actually, or to learn.”

“Maybe we can try next year, and decide if we continue or not at the end of the year.”


5th grade et 8th grade correspondent respectivement au CM2 et à la 4e.

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