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Keen To Be Green Homework

Keen 2B Green Pty Ltd are one of South East Queensland’s
most prominent solar energy and electrical companies.

We have years of experience installing thousands of quality solar power products on businesses and homes in the greater Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions and across Northern New South Wales.

At Keen 2B Green we use only top quality products from reputable companies and pride ourselves on high quality workmanship, ensuring you complete peace of mind.

Over the years solar companies and solar products have come and gone, which makes it all important to use reputable solar products with excellent back up service and an installation company to match this.

We have made it easy for the customer by utilising our market experience to select the best quality, most reliable and best backed solar products in the industry, giving you years of peace of mind, with your solar system.

We use the premium Radiant solar roof mounting system on all our solar installations, which comes with a 15 year warranty from defects.  Radiant Australia is a Brisbane based supplier of high quality commercial and residential solar racking with an office and showroom in Capalaba, (Brisbane) QLD. We believe no compromise should be made in attaching the solar panels to a roof for an expected 25 + years.  There are currently so many inferior Chinese roof mounting systems being used, some with inadequate engineering certificates and inferior aluminium and stainless steel.

All the solar products that we use on our installations are listed on the products page.

Keen 2B Green Pty Ltd are committed to giving the right advice along with honest advice on purchasing the right solar system for your home or business.

As part of our service, one of our solar consultants will come out and inspect your property for solar suitability.  We will also provide you with figures on financial returns that your solar system may give you together with solar system performance estimates, honest advice and information.

Our installation side of the business is run with very strict procedures in place ensuring a high quality standard of workmanship along with only the best high quality components used to complete the solar system installation.

We have solar systems to suit all budgets and also offer tailored finance packages to suit your purchase.

If done right, solar power can bring years of cheap electricity and work out to be one of the best investments you will ever make for your home.

Please download a copy of our Free LG Solar Guide for Beginners and 30 LG Solar Panel Advantages 2017

Solar Panel Test Facility

Keen 2B Green operates a solar panel test facility at their head office in Burleigh Heads, South East Queensland. By doing this you can be assured that we have the right advice for choosing the most suitable solar panel for your system. Click Here for more info on the solar panel test site.

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Solar Power Systems

All our solar packages
come complete with a 5 year
workmanship warranty and we can
tailor a package to suit your household
energy needs and budget.

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Solar Products

We use only the world’s leading
solar products that have been tried
and tested in Australian conditions and
have factory back up support, ensuring
complete peace of mind.

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Recently at a gathering of senior military leaders in the Pacific meant to discuss pertinent issues in the region – as well as strategic leadership writ large – General (Retired) Carter Ham spoke at length about his career and the lessons garnered from them. As a consummate developer of leaders, at the end of his talk General Ham gave everyone a “homework assignment”. He was kind enough to provide this assignment to From The Green Notebook for use by the community, listing three contemporary books he thinks all military professionals should consider reading:

Just War Reconsidered by Lieutenant General (Retired) Jim Dubik: For many military professionals, Michael Walzer’s classic Just and Unjust Wars became a mandatory read to gain understanding of the ethics of warfare. Lieutenant General Dubik updates this idea and addresses the important roles and responsibilities that civilian policy-makers perform in the ethical decisions about whether to employ military force. Important for today’s military leaders to understand this aspect of the role militaries play in national policy.

Tribe by Sebastian Junger: Many are familiar with Junger’s insightful book, War which describes the character of war at the very tactical level, offering insights that only those who have experienced prolonged close combat have witnessed. Tribe takes on the difficult story of how combat veterans re-assimilate (or not) into life outside of combat. Not a pleasant book to read, in my view, but an important one.

How Everything Became War and How the Military Became Everything by Rosa Brooks: This book contains keen insights from a sharp lawyer who served in important policy positions at the Pentagon. She pulls no punches in addressing “endless war” and how, while “There is no military solution to this problem” has become cliché, often the military is the only meaningful “solution” that is acted upon. Brooks’ work is also important, in my view, to better understand how a serious-minded civilian thinks about the U.S. military.

General (Retired) Carter Ham is the president and chief executive officer of the Association of the United States Army. He is an experienced leader who has led at every level from platoon to geographic combatant command. He is also a member of a very small group of Army senior leaders who have risen from private to four-star general.

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