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Personal Statement For Cv Examples Administration And Supervision

School Administrator Resume Samples

School Administrators ensure that education institutions run smoothly. Typical work activities listed in School Administrator resumes are collaborating with academic boards, recruiting new staff, assisting with the public relations and marketing strategy, coordinating examinations and admissions, and maintaining supplies, among many others. The ideal candidate demonstrated excellent organizational skills, analytical thinking, communication abilities, leadership, and previous school management experience. Based on our resume samples, candidates for this role need to hold a Bachelor's or a Master's Degree in a relevant field.

Looking for cover letter ideas? See our sample School Administrator Cover Letter.


School Administrator

Supervisor of curriculum and instruction, ninth grade transition, Special Education, and Fine Arts

  • Manage all fiscal transactions of the school
  • Responsible for the professional development of school administrative team and teacher leadership team
  • Based on student formative assessment data, developed school-wide literacy plan to better assist teachers in working with high school students with a significantly low level of reading and writing skills. This plan included solicitation of private funding of $300,000 to pay for literacy coaches to assist with task.
  • Increased parent engagement by implementing student led conferences, call-a-thons, special education case manager nights, etc.
  • Currently working with the staff to establish strong professional learning communities.
  • Implemented interventions for first time test takers in Math, improving STAAR scores to 68% for first time test takers - an increase of 20%.

School Administrator/math Coach

Instructed teachers, using lecture and demonstration, audiovisual aids and other materials to supplement presentations.

  • Wrote, designed and produced mathematics curriculum for the entire grade school 6-12.
  • Was instrumental in decision taking
  • Trained and managed about 30 teachers in classroom management and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.
  • Trained math teachers in developing new skills that make learning interesting and fun.
  • Supervised over 30 employees and resolved conflict
  • Participated in faculty and professional meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops.
  • Counseled students in adjustment and academic problems

School Administrator

Supervised and assisted 10 teachers and 2 office assistants regarding new policy implementations

  • Developed school campus safety plans and coordinated with community leaders in implementing them
  • Interpret annual school budget and prioritize school's fiscal needs based on the approved budget
  • Good motivational and problem-solving skills established a 90 percent retention rate for staff members teachers and returning students

Summer School Administrator and Elementary Teacher

Administrator of the summer school program. Organized and lead a team of four teachers to meet the needs of all students in grades
one through eight.

  • Created and implemented first multi-age classroom within the school; educated other teachers on looping and multiage classrooms;
  • Incorporated learning results in union wide curriculum; used thematic units with in-depth performance tasks to engage students based on multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • Use of portfolios to capture student learning and used student led parent conferences resulting in high parent involvement.

School Administrator

Responsible for education domains of elementary students

  • Served as chairperson for the School Improvement Team, Budget Committee, Crisis Management Team, Lead Teacher, and Testing Coordinator
  • Maintained cumulative files for twenty-seven students
  • Assisted as school leader for parental involvement and official programs
  • Member of the Superintendent's Executive Committee served as an educational leader
  • Managed budget for state and federal grants.

School Administrator/teacher

Started non-profit girls' home and school; coordinated all aspects of planning, launch and management

  • Served as school director, responsible for all administrator duties, including financial
  • Managed all school finances and accounting duties, including budgeting, employee payroll, AP/
  • Human resources - recruiting, hiring personnel management, employee relations and training
  • Responsible for all fundraising for the home; built relationships with local churches, gave
  • Raised over $235,000 for the construction of a new home
  • Supervised five employees (teachers and house parents)
  • Maintained and fostered relationships with the families of the girls living in the home
  • Taught classes

School Administrator

My responsibilities in this position were similar to a "head of school" yet in a more
collaborative, less hierarchical environment. Key responsibilities I held in this position:

  • Provided leadership in working toward a culture of partnership between Teachers,
  • Responsible for representing the school to public agencies
  • Interpreted, analyzed and explained policies, procedures and programs
  • Maintained all school certification, state requirements, safety procedures etc.
  • Managed school resources including financial and human resources
  • Head of school operations
  • Composed or edited all significant school communications
  • Supported the professional development of teachers and staff
  • Organized and maintained the school office
  • Supervise office personnel

School Administrator

Coordinate efficient operations along with numerous programs in a fast paced environment

  • Assist school Director with event planning, scheduling meetings, as well as managing school calendar
  • Regularly interact with current and future customers by providing service that is professional, yet personal
  • Perform administrative responsibilities such as data entry, filing, billing, and detailed record keeping
  • Manage the purchase of supplies and equipment to budget
  • Lead a team of 25 employees by providing guidance and direction to create a positive and productive working environment

Summer School Administrator

  • Created Academic Support Coordinator role in collaboration with school and orphanage directors
  • Engaged & developed English language skills of learners with varying levels of proficiency (grades 2-8)
  • Presented three-day professional development workshop for NPH teachers

School Administrator / Director of Education

Managed a staff of 4 instructors and three administrative staff members.

  • Instructor- taught all areas of basic instruction of Cosmetology.
  • Director of Education- oversaw all educational classes and curriculum of basic Cosmetology.
  • Maintained all records of Cosmetology, enrollment, financial aid and job placement along with banking and other administrative duties.


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Supervisor Advice

Get hired as a supervisor sooner with the right resume! Our supervisor resume examples have been designed to help you create a resume that employers will respond to. Use the pre-written text samples in these resume examples as a starting point, then develop your supervisor resume with information from your background. It’s a fast and easy way to build a job-winning resume in just minutes!

Resume Tips for Supervisor

The process of looking for jobs as a supervisor involves challenges and exciting new opportunities, just as any job search. Using good job searching strategies will make it that much easier to spot these opportunities when they arise. Check out these job searching tips.

1. Securing a temporary job along the way can be a good way to stay afloat, but don’t stop your search until you’ve found something you are really excited and happy about.

2. Think of ways to market your skills and abilities to specifically contribute to the goals of the company you’re applying for. Writing lots of essays in school might make you very fast at typing, for example. Doing lots of logic or math work could give you strong analytical skills.

3. Keep a strong focus on your resume. Make sure your set of skills creates a comprehensive picture of a person that the employer in question will really want to hire.

4. Avail yourself of local resources such as your Local American Job Center. Sometimes jobs are posted at your local public library and other community centers.

5. Professional journals and other resources contain all kinds of up to date information about their various fields. Read up on the area in which you are applying.

Supervisor Job Seeking Tips

Your resume will make a major impact on your application for any job. To have the best chance of getting jobs as a supervisor, you will need to have an outstanding resume. These strategies will help you in your resume writing process.

1. Always write your lists in bullet point format. Most sections should have one or two columns with four to eight points per column. Your employment section should have five to eight points per job listed, and each point should end with a period.

2. When you list your jobs in the experience section, make sure to proceed in reverse chronological order, starting from your current or most recently held job.

3. No resume should be shorter than half a page. However, most resumes will not go past one page. Exceptions would include resumes containing more than ten years of experience.

4. Jobs are not the only form of experience. Internships, volunteer experiences, and training programs can all count as experience. Just keep it as relevant as possible.

5. Don’t forget to include your name, a phone number to reach you, a current email address, and your city and state of residence.

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