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Bb01 Vinu Upload Assignment Web Apps

Welcome to Online Learning!

Accessing classes on the VU Blackboard:

In order to access your courses found on the VU Blackboard, you will need log-in information, specifically a username and password.

Your Blackboard username should be the same as your MyVU username - your first initial, all or part of your last name, and possibly one or more numbers


Your Blackboard password is your assigned student ID number - a nine character ID starting with a capital A followed by eight numbers

Both pieces of information are mailed to the student in the initial MyVU access letter sent to the physical address the student provided on the application.  The A number will also be included on any account information mailed from the Bursar's Office (account statements) or Financial Aid Office (award letters, etc.).  If you did not retain this information, the Records Office can mail this information to the student's physical address upon receipt of a written request from the student.  For more information, please contact 812-888-4220 or at records@vinu.edu.

*Please Note - Blackboard activation may take up to two business days after registration is processed.  Blackboard course access may not be available until 2-3 days before the class start date.  However, your courses may not appear until the course(s) start date. Students are advised to monitor their Blackboard and preview the syllabus for course requirements.

Accessing classes not using the VU Blackboard:

*Math, music, and pharmacy classes do not use the VU Blackboard.

Test Proctoring for Distance Education Courses:

Most Distance Education courses will require a proctor for when you are needing to take an exam.

Your instructor will let you know of any specific proctor requirements for their exams.

*Please Note: Students residing in Knox County, Indiana (including campus residents) who are taking a Distance Education Mathematics course will be required to take their exams in the Math Learning Center on the Main VU campus.  The Math Learning Center in located in the Math Lab, in room G-7 of the McCormick Science Center. You can indicate this option (#12) on the proctor form, if this rule applie to you.  This rule is per VU Math Department policy.

Textbooks / Course Materials:

Online classes do require textbooks. To order your course materials, visit the VU bookstore. Please make sure you select distance course materials.


Library Services for Distance Education Students:

Information for online access to the VU Library Services is available at the "Campus Services" tab at the top of the VU homepage and the "Library" link at the left.

CTL: Center for Teaching and Learning: Blackboard tutorial

Information for Blackboard tutorials is available at the "Campus Services" tab at the top of the VU homepage and the "CTL" link at the left.

Assessment Testing:

Assessment Practice Sites
Proctor Testing Locations
If there is not a testing site listed for your area, please follow the link below to request a remote proctor setup.
Remote Proctor Setup Instructions





Next Steps After Admission

Welcome to the VU Family - Indiana’s First College Founded in 1801


☐  Visit 
If you haven’t already, come for a visit! Your individual visit can be made by appointment Monday-Friday. Go to https://vuadmissions.vinu.edu/campusvisit.aspx or call 800.742.9198. 

☐  VU Scholarships

  1. If you completed the scholarship questions on the admissions application, don’t forget to send in your letters of reference to the Dayson Foundation Office.
  2. If not, go to my.vinu.edu/scholarships to fill out the application and view a complete scholarship listing.  Submit the application by January 15 to meet our priority deadline and be in the running for most VU scholarships. After this date, scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.
  3. Have a high school GPA of 3.0 or greater? You may qualify for our Academic Scholarships. Download the application at my.vinu.edu/scholarships.
  4. Majoring in Education? If so, fill out the Dorothy M. Walters Education Scholarship application at my.vinu.edu/scholarships.

☐  Parents/Guardians - Staying Connected

  1. Have your parent/guardian sign up for the Parent & Family Services e-newsletter at my.vinu.edu/web/parent-and-family-services/enews-setup.
  2. For more information go to my.vinu.edu/web/parent-and-family-services/home or e-mail parents@vinu.edu.

☐  Apply for Housing
Learn about VU Housing at my.vinu.edu/housing-residential-life or call 800.742.9198.

  1. Print the contract, complete, and sign. 
  2. Send in the contract along with $150 deposit (if applicable). Refundable until August 1, prior to the start of the fall semester, and December 15 prior to the start of the spring semester. 
  3. Apply early. Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  4. Room assignments are sent by email in mid-July to your MyVU account.

☐  Student Support Services - Ensuring Academic Success

  1. The Summer Bridge Program provides incoming and freshman-level students with a college orientation experience and the opportunity to get a head start on their academic goals. Learn more at my.vinu.edu/summer-bridge.
  2. Free tutoring is available to all students! Learn more at my.vinu.edu/labs-and-tutoring.
  3. Our Disability Services Office offers resources to help students overcome or compensate for obstacles related to a physical, emotional, learning, or other disability. Learn more at my.vinu.edu/disability-services.
  4. COPE Student Support Services (SSS) offers inclusive services to promote retention, graduation, and transfer to four-year institutions. Learn more at my.vinu.edu/cope.
  5. STEP - provides comprehensive services for learning challenged students in the university mainstream. For more information, visit my.vinu.edu/step.

☐  Immunization Record & Medical History/Physical Exam Form

  1. Send in your Immunization Record & Medical History/Physical Exam Form. You can find your immunization record on your high school transcript or at your local health department.
  2. According to Indiana law, immunization records are required of all students.

☐  Financial Aid

  1. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Indiana deadline for FAFSA is March 10 and our school code is 001843. 
  2. Get started October 1 each year and apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Note: There is no application deadline for federal aid.
  3. For more information on student financial services, visit my.vinu.edu/financial-services or call 800.742.9198.

☐  Accuplacer - Placement Exam

  1. The Accuplacer is required for all students who have not successfully completed college English and math courses.
  2. Your Accuplacer scores will determine your initial classes for your first semester at VU. To better prepare, take a practice test, which can be found at my.vinu.edu/web/assessment-center.
  3. The Accuplacer takes approximately an hour and a half to complete; however, this is not a timed test and you may take more or less time, as you need.
  4. The Accuplacer can be taken at alternative locations. Go to my.vinu.edu/web/assessment-center or call 812-888-5404 for location information.
  5. If you require special accommodations for a disability, call VU’s Office of Disability Services at 812.888.4501 at least two weeks prior to the testing date to make arrangements.

☐  Attend START VU - Register for Classes

  1. START VU is our one-day registration program that begins in June for the fall semester and in November for the spring semester.
  2. Sign-up information will be sent in mid-May for the fall semester and in October for the spring semester.
  3. Accuplacer, our placement test, will be administered on campus during the START VU program.
  4. College Readiness - minimum scores are required to register for classes. More information at my.vinu.edu/web/admissions/minimum-college-readiness-scores.
  5. For more START VU information visit my.vinu.edu/start-vu.

More Helpful Information

  1. Online Catalog: http://catalog.vinu.edu.
  2. Course Schedule: my.vinu.edu/class-schedules.
  3. Calendar of Events: my.vinu.edu/student-calendar.
  4. Admission Requirements: my.vinu.edu/web/admissions/requirements.
  5. Registration Policy: my.vinu.edu/web/admissions/requirements.

Please contact the Admissions Office at 1.800.742.9198 or vuadmit@vinu.edu and we will be happy to send you any necessary paperwork and/or applications.

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