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Thoed Essays Download

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A prolific emcee repping for Houston, Lucky Luciano hit the scene just after the millennium. He appeared on compilations, worked with South Park Mexican, and dropped his solo debut, Lucky Me, in 2001. In the decade since, he's released a dozen albums and more than 25 mixtapes, collaborated with most of H-Town's biggest superstars, and racked up several regional awards. On this—the third installment of his Thoed Essays series—he keeps doing what he does best, delivering smooth but streetwise verses mostly about sipping sizzurp, smoking all day, pushing a candy-painted whip, collecting money and jewelry, and macking on the baddest bitches. Dat Boi T follows suit, as do the featured guests, including Baby Bash (his partner in Playamade Mexicanz), Paul Wall, Berner, AG Cubano, DZA the Don, Poncho V, Lil Spill, Coast, and Tom Cat. Though the subject matter has been done to death, these guys benefit from a laid-back, likeable style and some exceptional beats. "Country Boyz," "Back 2 Back," and "Just Tryna Maintain" are highlights.

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