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Computer Basics 2 Assignment


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Course Code : BCS-011 Course Title : Computer Basics and PC Software

Assignment Number : BCA (1)-011/Assignment/16-17


in proper fashion. A von Neumann machine has single path between the main memory and control unit. This feature is known as



System Unit


Ports and Connectors :

A port is a connector located on the motherboard or on a separate adapter. Ports and Connectors allow the computer to communicate with different devices and peripherals attached with it. b.


power supply

or power supply unit (PSU) is an internal component used to supply the power to the components of a computer. c.


The motherboard is the main circuit board of a microcomputer. It is also known as the main board or system board.

(2) What is RAM in the context of computer? Why is it needed? What are SRAM and its role in a computer? A computer has primary memory still it requires hard disk, why? Explain the storage organization of a Hard disk and access time for it.(4 Marks) Ans: RAM (Random Access Memory)


It is “

read / write”

memory stands for random access memory. b.

It is a volatile memory. c.

The CPU gets the program instructions from the RAM and after operation, it stores them in RAM. d.

The CPU can Perform Read and write operation with RAM e.

There are two important types of RAMs:-


is a primary memory in which operating system resides on run time. User can perform any task goes to RAM first. The CPU gets the program instructions from the RAM and after operation, it stores them in RAM. So, it is required by system.

Static RAM (or SRAM)


Static RAMs retain stored information for long time as the power supply is on. b.

Static RAMs are costly and consume more power. Static RAMs have a higher speed than dynamic RAMs. c.

Static Ram is faster and so, it is used in cache memory. d.

SRAM does not need to be refreshed or refreshed after long interval. A hard disk is a magnetic disk that is used as a mass storage. It stores data permanently for future uses where primary memory stores data temporarily. A magnetic disk is a circular platter of plastic that is coated with magnetized material and coil is used to perform the job of reading and writing on the magnetic surface that is known as head.

Computer Basics Worksheet Assignment 2Career Prep AThe two things that make a computer work are hardware and software. One is no good without the other; working together they perform the information processing cycle of a computer. Hardware is anything you can physically touch. To help you, we will complete worksheets, some on your own and some together. You will be instructed on which ones you should complete on your own.Directions: Complete this worksheet by filling in the blanks. Save it to your folder on the U:Drive ar computer basics worksheet and your name (Example: computer basics worksheet burgess) To learn about each section, you can use Jan’s Computer Literacy 101, a slide share presentation, Intel-the Journey Inside website and/or gcflearnfree.org website. Links will be provided on a Blendspace or on my website.Section 1 - Input/OutputDecide which of the following peripheral items INPUT information or OUTPUT information. Designate the type of peripheral component by writing INPUT or OUTPUT by each of the items below1.Monitor 2.Keyboard 3.Scanner 4.Laser Printer 5.Mouse 6.Speakers 7.Digital Camera 2/22/2013Page 1

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