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Odesk Cover Letter For Android Developer Site

Android Developer Cover Letter

Android developers are responsible for developing applications for mobile devices that use the Android operating system. An Android Developer has a sound understanding of the nature of the Android system and how best to optimize its performance and responsiveness and quality.

Based on an analysis of job postings, here are some key Android Developer skills:

  • Technical experience in building and developing mobile apps
  • Technical skills such as Java coding, Ruby, Python, The Android Software Development Kit, SQL, and XML as well as Android Studio
  • Proficiencies in Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Ability to work well as part of a team
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Use the sample Android Developer cover letter below as a guide for writing your own.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Android Developer Resume Samples.

For more information on what it takes to be an Android Developer, check out our more complete Android Developer Job Description.

Dear Mrs. Lindsey,

I am excited to submit my application for the Android Developer position at New Moon Gaming. I believe my skills and background will help me quickly exceed expectations for this role.

Constantly updating my skill set, I am proficient in the latest iterations of Java, Perl, and Ruby.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and have spent the past three years at Dawn Technologies my main responsibilities revolved around building cutting-edge mobile applications and games, testing and debugging applications and developing updates to improve app usability. I also collaborated with the marketing department to help define client needs and how best to accommodate them. I have been involved in the entire lifecycle of Android app development. Among my responsibilities at Dawn Technologies were to solve problems, debug apps, develop SQL database structures and participated in new product development.

My career path as an Android Developer over the past three years feature accomplishments summarized below:

  • Helped create and test 20 fully functional Android applications ranging from fitness apps to word game apps on time and on budget
  • Exceeded customers’ needs, improving app functionality and focusing on object-oriented design
  • Am well-regarded for writing efficient, reusable code that prioritizes security

My skills and experience in designing and developing applications for Android devices will be of great benefit to New Moon Gaming. I’d love to discuss the further role with you.

Michael Grayston

Android is one of the two main operating systems in the mobile market, alongside iOS. Many companies start by developing an Android application because it has a lower cost barrier than iOS, then duplicate their application to the iOS platform.

After you flesh out your app idea, it’s time to find a developer to turn ideas into a tangible app. With all of the various devices and older versions of the Android OS—plus a drastically different development environment and submission process—there are many complexities to navigate. Here’s a look at what Android developers do so you’re prepared to hire the best one for your project.


An Android developer takes project specifications and turns them into a tangible application that can be submitted and published in the Google Play store. Most mobile app projects have a design phase, a development phase, and a submission process. Many Android app developers are “full stack,” handling both design, UI and app coding, but you may choose to have both a designer and a programmer on your app’s development team. Just note that UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design are two different skill sets that are important for the success of your project. If you decide to hire separate contractors for each component, you need one for UX and one for UI.

Android developer skills are separated into three levels depending on their experience. Developers start at the junior phase for the first few years, although the number of apps they’ve developed and the apps’ complexity are far more important when you determine the right developer for your project. After working alongside more experienced developers, they move to the intermediate phase where they can work on more projects independently. After several years working with complex Android applications, a developer is considered senior level. A senior developer can not only code a project, but they can also make decisions about how to design products. All Android developers should be familiar with:

  • Android Studio
  • Android Material Design Guidelines
  • Java and the Android SDK
  • The Emulator
  • Publishing to the Google Play Store

The developer you need will be determined by your project requirements. If you’re creating a new app from scratch, you’ll need a senior-level developer with the experience to take the project from the beginning and see it through to completion. Junior and intermediate level developers are beneficial for small changes, but a senior developer should review the code before it’s put into production.

Defining Your Android Project

To find the right developer, you need to define the project with as much detail and documentation as possible. The better you define your project, the more accurate the estimates will be when developers propose terms for your project.

The first thing you should flesh out is what the Android developer will be doing. Are they adding to or updating an existing app? Are they creating an app from scratch? Do you have an existing app that needs some bugs fixed? This enables you to describe the work to be done and gives you some direction on the level of programmer that you need (junior, intermediate, or senior).

Next, outline any challenges the developer may face. This could be challenges with what the app should accomplish, difficult integrations, or any bugs that are causing a current app to crash.

If you’re unsure of the experience level that you need, be as clear as possible with your project brief. This will help developers determine if they’re right for your project. You can specifically state what development level you need, but remember that more experienced Android developers may charge more even for simple requirements. If you don’t have any understanding of the development process, it might be better to stick with a senior-level developer. A senior-level developer can help guide you through the process.

If you have a smaller budget and simple bug fixes or additions, you can specify that you need a junior-level or intermediate-level developer, but remember that they may not have the skill set to see a larger project through to completion.

The final aspect of your project to mention is its length and the amount of time it will take to complete. Android development projects can take a week, a month, six months, or more. The length of time is often determined by the developer based on your project description, but you can at least provide an estimate or a deadline, if applicable.

Once you get an estimate of how long the project will take, work with your developer to break down the project into phases if you have a flat-rate cost estimate. You can break the project into phases and ask for specific deliverables by particular deadlines.

Example phases include the following deliverables:

  • Wireframes
  • Android UI design
  • Software architecting
  • Front-end coding
  • Back-end integration & APIs
  • Testing
  • Publishing and distribution

Writing an Android Mobile App Project Description

After you get a firm idea of your project deliverables, it’s time to write a project description. The way you write a description will determine the quality of developer that you’ll attract. It’s important to be concise yet detailed enough so developers interested in your project can submit proposals with fairly accurate cost and time estimates.

The title of your project description can include the type of development that you need. You know that you need an Android developer, but do you need a designer and a programmer? Do you need someone who understands a specific framework? The title should attract Android developers with a specific skill set if you need it.

The next step is the project overview. What type of app do you want developed (gaming, educational, entertainment, etc.)? If you have documentation that shows basic wireframes or ideas, you can include these in your project description. Describe the project in enough detail that it gives a developer a good idea of the work to be done. If you need the developer to sign an NDA, you can also specify this requirement in your description.

Part of your description should also define the deliverables including any designs, APIs, and full source code that can be uploaded to the Google Play Store. The source code is usually delivered using a version control solution such as Git, and then it can be uploaded to Google Play. You might not know the skill set level that you need, but being descriptive will help providers determine if they have the right experience for your project.


Sample Project Description

Below is a sample of how a project description may look. Keep in mind that many people use the term “job description,” but a full job description is only needed for employees. When engaging a freelancer as an independent contractor, you typically just need a statement of work, job post, or any other document that describes the work to be done.

Title: Android Developer for New Gaming App
Description: We need an Android developer to design and program a gaming app from start to finish. We have ideas and documentation included in this job post, but we need a developer to flesh out the design into a workable gaming app. The gaming app is in the area of children’s education.

The right developer will provide us with the APK that we can upload to Google Play. All source code, assets, databases, and design will be transferred after the project is complete. We expect the project to be divided into phases where the first phase will be to flesh out the design and assets. The second phase is the programming, and the final phase is testing.

The estimated duration of this project is three months. We need the completed gaming app by XYZ date.


Regardless of whether your Android project is complex or simple, you’ll need the right developer to help you achieve your goals. You can do this by understanding what an Android developer can do and creating a well-thought-out project description that fully conveys the vision of your project and the deliverables you need. Developers can much more accurately determine time and cost estimates with a fully defined project from the get-go. Also, remember that an app is never “really done,” and often requires follow-up work by a developer to keep up with new versions of operating systems and devices and to release updates and bug fixes. Having a good relationship with a developer who understands your app is paramount to the future health of your mobile app.

by Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer is a software engineer who writes high-level technical content for companies such as Adobe, Rackspace and IBM. Her expertise is with technical writing, also covering topics such… more

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