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East West School Of International Studies Summer Assignments Thunderbird

Online and hybrid classes are designed to fit all of your needs. The flexible nature of online allows for students who work during the day, or have changing schedules, to complete classes on their own time. This flexibility doesn’t make you sacrifice your choice in classes; affordable, high quality classes are available in all subjects. Need a challenge? The challenge of an online class is greater than a traditional class as time management is key to your success. Need extra support? The personal communication of a traditional course is still available in online courses. If you need help you can email your teacher, talk with a tutor online 24/7, meet with a tutor in the LEC, or call the HelpCenter. You don’t have to sacrifice your life to get an education; learn more about online now!

Online students have one more tool at their disposal: Canvas. Canvas allows online students access to course content, calendar, grade book, discussion boards, online quizzes and other course materials. Current students can log in below.

Our Goal

The goal of the SHARE Fellowship is to give high-potential students from developing markets the opportunity to take control of their future — and shape the future of their home countries — with a graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. SHARE Fellows also enrich the student experience for their classmates by bringing insights, experiences and worldviews from diverse locations. 

Since its inception, the SHARE Fellowship has funded scholarships for students from Algeria, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ghana, Honduras, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. These recipients have professional backgrounds in engineering, agribusiness, accounting, marketing, finance, academia and nonprofit. All SHARE Fellows have outstanding academic records. Many are Fulbright scholars, and many volunteer in their communities.

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