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J Brenner Homework

Satire  Published 03/02/18 6:07am

'I'm Very Disappointed by the Midterm Scores,' Says Professor With 0.82 Instructor Rating

By Seyoung Kim

Professor J. Scott Walden, who teaches CIS 239, was appalled when he saw his current class’s performance on the first midterm. Although Walden has consistently received an instructor quality rating between 0.7 and 0.9 out of 4.0 for the past nine semesters, it is the first time he has seen his negligence in teaching truly affect his students.

"I'm very disappointed with the midterm scores," Professor Walden said to the 40 out of 120 students who actually showed up to class after grades were released. "This was a very simple exam. It was basically the same as the homework.”

Students confirmed that the midterm was indeed basically the same as the homework assignments, which typically take around seven hours to complete. While the midterm was conducted before the drop deadline, grading was not complete until more than two weeks after, giving students no time to decide whether to drop the class.

Dr. James R. Brenner
Florida Tech
Chemical Engineering Department
150 West University Blvd.
256 Olin Engineering Bldg.
Melbourne, FL 32901
321-749-3437 (cell)
321-674-7560 (answering machine)

Fall 2017 Schedule
M 10-11 Office Hours in Frueauff 104
M 12-1 CHE 1101 in Olin 228/229
M 5-6 CHE 1101 in Olin 228/229

T 8-9:15 CHE 3260 in Olin 118
T 9:30-11:00 Faculty Meeting
T 3:30-5 Faculty Senate-related meetings on 1st and next-to-last Tuesdays

W 9-10 BME Faculty Meeting
W 11-12 Office Hours in Olin 256/228/229/132?
W 12-1 CHE 1101 in Olin 228/229
W 2-5 Office Hours in Olin 256/228/229/132?
W 5-6 CHE 1101 in Olin 228/229

R 8-9:15 CHE 3260 in Olin 118
R 9:45-10:45 Office Hours in Olin 256

CHE 3260 Review sessions: 8:30 - 10 PM on 9/18, 10/23, and 11/27; 12/7 at 8 AM

Most of the time that I am not somewhere above, I will be
either in Frueauff 104 or in Olin Life Sciences 127/128.



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