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Whale Rider Kahu Essay Format

Anyway, Kahu starts her reading, but as the time passes by, she realises Koro will not come, and she falls into a deep sadness. At the end of the ceremony, Kahu recites an essay in the Maori tongue, which is an expression of her love to Koro Apirana.

1.6. Text “E nga rangatira,” Kahu began, “e nga iwi”, she looked at Koro Apirana’s empty seat, “tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.” There were stars in her eyes, like sparkling tears. “Distinguished guests, member of the audience, my speech is a speech of love for my grandfather, Koro Apirana.”

Nanny Flowers gave a sob, and tears began to flow down her cheeks.

Kahu’s voice was clear and warm as she told of her love for her grandfather and her respect for him. Her tones rang with pride as she recited his whakapapa and ours. She conveyed how grateful she was to live in Whangara and that her main aim in life was to fulfil the wishes of her grandfather and of the tribe.

And I felt so proud of her, so proud, and so sad that Koro Apirana was not there to hear how much she loved him. And I wanted to shout, “Well done, good on you” to this young girl who was not really so brave and who would have liked the support of the one person who was never there - her Koro, Apirana. At the end of the speech I leapt to my feet to do a haka of support for her. Then the boys were joining in, and Nanny Flowers was kicking off her shoes. The sadness and the joy swept us all away in acknowledging Kahu, but we knew that her heart was aching for Koro Apirana.

In the car, later, Porourangi said, “Your Koro couldn’t make it tonight, darling.”

“That’s all right, Daddy. I don’t mind.”

Nanny Flowers hugged her fiercely. “I tell you, Kahu, tomorrow I’m really getting a divorce. Your Koro can go his way and I’ll go mine.”

Kahu put her face against Nanny Flowers’ cheeks. Her voice was drained and defeated. “It’s not Paka’s fault, Nanny,” she said, “that I’m a girl.”

1.7. Main Characters Kahu: is a young girl with a determined and strong personality, but with an innocent and soft heart. She is the protagonist of the story. As we can learn spans the length of the book, her deepest and greatest dream is to please her great-grandfather, the great Koro Apirana.

Koro Apirana: is Kahu’s grandfather and the current leader of the Maori people in Whangara. He is looking for the right successors to his chieftaincy, someone that will be able to navigate the Maori people through the modernity.

Rawiri: is the narrator of the story, grandson of Koro Apirana and Kahu’s uncle. He is in his early twenties and has a deep connection to his past heritage and to the Maori language and culture. He is an active member of a biker gang.

Porourangi: is Koro’s eldest grandson, Rawiri’s brother and Kahu’s dad. He is the chosen successor for his generation, for that reason Koro spends a lot of time training him and bringing him along on trips pertaining to Maori legal and social issues.

Nanny Flowers: is Koro Apirana’s wife and the motherly figure for most of the other main characters, including Kahu. She is a stubborn, determined, and brave woman, who is not afraid to stand up to her husband. She is actually connected in lineage to Muriwai, a brave, independent ancestress.

1.8. Analysis In this chapter, we can find a deep characterization of Kahu, Nanny and Koro. In fact, we can notice the motherly side of Nanny, the egoistical side of Koro and the sweet and resentful reaction that is typical of Kahu. She has this unrelenting, stubborn and unconditional love for her Koro, who does nothing else than showing disdain for her. This characterization remarks her goodness and purity of character, and her heroic

Martina Gaviraghi 4M SCC 10th May, 2016

Class’ Book English 5

The story starts with an emphasis on the old days, when nature and all untamed life were energetically sitting tight for the happening and coming of man. At that point man touched base from the east, and the connection amongst nature and man throve. One relationship specifically – that between the whale rider and his monster whale – was model of a cooperative association. This whale rider gives skewers a role as nurturing items to the islands, however one lance he throws 1000 years into the future, which is the season of the story’s young champion Kahu.

Eight-year-old Kahu, an individual from the Maori tribe of Whangara, New Zealand, battles to demonstrate her affection, her authority, and her fate. Her kin assert plunge from Kahutia Te Rangi, the amazing “whale rider.” In each era since Kahutia, a male beneficiary has acquired the title of boss. In any case, now there is no male beneficiary, and the maturing boss is urgent to discover a successor. Kahu is his lone incredible grandchild- – and Maori convention has no utilization for a young lady. In any case, when many whales shoreline themselves and debilitate the eventual fate of the Maori tribe, it is Kahu who spares the tribe when she uncovers that she has the whale rider’s old endowment of speaking with whales.

The Whale Rider is an anecdote about Kahu and her family’s battle to convey back adjust to their Maori tribe in Whangara. As it is a story set in New Zealand and is about a Maori tribe, a considerable measure of the words utilized as a part of the book are in the Maori dialect, and might be somewhat difficult to take after along in the event that you don’t allude to the glossary of terms toward the finish of the novel.  Concerning Kahu, it is uncovered in this segment she in reality is the lance cast through time such a large number of hundreds of years prior. This implies her story has been really taking shape for a long time. A vital understanding from this thought is that her predecessor, Paikea, knew who she would be and what part she would play; did he know these things as well as he effectively endeavored to realize them by tossing the lance. Along these lines this proposes Paikea had no issue with females driving his Maori individuals. This is critical on the grounds that Paikea is the most worshipped figure of the Whangara Maori, and he is viewed as the upholder of Maori culture and esteem.

The Whale Rider is a trip of adoration and fate. Through the account of the Maori individuals of New Zealand and their legacy/traditions, the reader will be acquainted with new another socially assorted gathering of individuals. The book is interesting and the audience will without a doubt have tears and also laugher through the pages of the story. This story is useful for presenting avid readers keen on Maori legend. The Whale Rider likewise acquaints the readers with their people stories  that are very relatable, and convictions about their birthplaces, and even local dialect which can be interpreted or further understood thanks to the glossary at the back pages of the novel.

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