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Signing Naturally Unit 4 Homework Answers

Signing Naturally Unit 4 Kellie PetersonASL 121M,W, 12-24.1 Minidialogues #1-#3Minidialogues #11) What does Tyrone compare/contrast?Anna's two marriages and how many boys came from each. Three from the first marriage and two from her second marriage.2) How many more children does Anna want?No more childrenMinidialogues #21) What does David compare/contrast?Their children, two boys and one girl2) Where did David's sister meet her husband?At Galludet University3) How long did they date?three years4) When did they marry?After collegeMinidialogues #31) What does Iva compare/contrast?The gender of the puppies, five girls no boys.2) How many puppies look like their mother? Describe.Three of them are white with a black eye.3) How many look like their father? Describe.two are black, brown, and white4.2 Check the Response 1) Is your sister engaged?2) Have the two of you been together forthree years?3) Does Zorra have family?4) Does Robin have any daughter?5) Do you have a boyfriend? 6) Does your sister have deaf children?7) Do you have a twin brother or sister?8) Is he your son?9) Does Paul have a motorcycle? 10) Did he propose marriage?4.3 Write the number #1-121) 892) 973) 694) 795) 986) 867) 688) 769) 7810) 8711) 6712) 964.5 Minidialogues #1-#3Minidialogues #11) How many brothers and sisters does Tyrone have?He has one brother.

[ASL I HOMEWORK]Unit 4:6-4:10Name:Lexi RampetsreiterAs you watch the video and follow along in your textbook you will see sections that have spaces that require an answer. Instead of filling in the answers in your book, you will TYPEthem into this document and submit it on Blackboard. (If something is to be circled, please type in what you would have circled in the book.)4:7How Old? (Page 198)Identify Number Type (Page 198)1. cat, 6 years old2. oldest son, 183. goldfish, 1 month4. daughter, 3 5. roommate’s son, 116. son, 97. dog, 58. brother’s oldest son, 159. daughter’s baby, 110. brother, 1011. wife, 27 12.bird, 21. age, 72. age, 183. cardinal, 204. cardinal, 65. age, 136. cardinal, 457. age, 248. cardinal, 789. age, 9210. age, 1611.age, 2112.cardinal, 8213. age, 1514. cardinal, 6015. age, 9916. age, 317. cardinal, 1918. cardinal, 4819. cardinal, 2320. age, 104:8Minidialogues (Page 200-201)Minidialogue 11. The baby is her grandson2. Her oldest3. Her children and they baby’s great grandparents4. Handmade quilt.Minidialogue 21. His parents, wife’s parents, and sister,

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