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Merits And Demerits Of Electronic Media Essay

... Title: Protecting Children From Media Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course title: Date: Protecting Children From Media According to (Beal, 2008), media can be defined as the various and different forms and technologies used for communication and channels of passing information or entertainment in the society. An example of media is the television, newspaper, radio, combined sounds, videos social sites as well as gaming sites among many others. In the modern world, the media have been and is and will still continue to be a vital technology in the society and a necessity as food and shelter. It’s a technology that is playing a significant role in informing the society, educating them, entertaining, and advertising. It has been regarded as a “mirror” of the community, it informs people of the current happenings, new affairs, fashion and gossip, and it provides entertainments like movies, music and games especially for children, (Muzna Shakeel, 2010). However on the other hand, the media has its own short comings or rather disadvantages in the society especially on young and teenage people. The media information at times s not legitimate and is easily manipulated to fit the specifications of those in power and hence misleading the society. Improper messages being passed over through movies and music, nudity, violence and addiction to the...


Published on October 27th, 2013 | by Mehedi Khan

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Communication

Technology in Modern Communication

Communication is needed for decision making, coordination, control, and planning. Communication is required for processing information in the accounting department, finance department, personnel department, establishment, of public relations, sales department, market research, production department, purchase department etc. Communication with the government, shareholders, and prospective investors, customers etc. is also required for the day to day functioning of the business concern. The conventional process of communication is not sufficient to meet the multidimensional needs of the business enterprises. So, the need for modern communication technology emerges to meet the desired need of modern business enterprises. Worldwide communication has been facilitated by the electronic transmission of data which connects individuals, regardless of geographic location, almost instantly.

Definition of Electronic Communication

Communication using electronic media known as electronic communication. Such communication allows transmission of message or information using computer systems, fax machine, e-mail, telephone or video conferencing and satellite network. People can easily share conversation, picture, image, sound, graphics, maps, interactive software and thousands of things for the development of electronic communication. Due to electronic technology, jobs, working locations and cultures are changing and therefore people can easily access worldwide communication without any physical movement.

L.C. Bovee and Others said, “Electronic communication is the transmission of information using advanced techniques such as computer moderns, facsimile machines, voice mail, electronic mail, teleconferencing, video cassettes, and private television networks.”

Advantages of Electronic Communication

The following points highlight the advantages of electronic communication:

1. Speedy transmission:  It requires only a few seconds to communicate through electronic media because it supports quick transmission.

2. Wide coverage: World has become a global village and communication around the globe requires a second only.

3. Low cost: Electronic communication saves time and money. For example, Text SMS is cheaper than the traditional letter.

4. Exchange of feedback: Electronic communication allows the instant exchange of feedback. So communication becomes perfect using electronic media.

5. Managing global operation: Due to the advancement of electronic media, business managers can easily control operation across the globe. Video or teleconferencing e-mail and mobile communication are helping managers in this regard.

Disadvantages of Electronic Communication

Electronic communication is not free from the below limitations:

1. The volume of data: The volume of telecommunication information is increasing at such a fast rate that business people are unable to absorb it within the relevant time limit.

2. The cost of development: Electronic communication requires huge investment for infrastructural development. Frequent change in technology also demands further investment.

3. Legal status: Data or information, if faxed, may be distorted and will cause zero value in the eye of law.

4. Undelivered data: Data may not be retrieved due to system error or fault with the technology. Hence required service will be delayed

5. Dependency: Technology is changing every day and therefore poor countries face the problem as they cannot afford the new or advanced technology. Therefore poor countries need to be dependent towards developed countries for sharing global network.

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