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Guittard Research Paper

Guittard Nocturne 91% Cocoa

December 21, 2015

91% cocoa is an extremely dark chocolate. If you want to taste a multi-bean chocolate blend without the distraction of other added ingredients, then this is your bar!

Actually, there are very small amounts of added sugar, vanilla, and cocoa butter, but considering that 91% out of 100% is pure crushed cacao, these are not much of a contributing factor.

Chocolate this dark is not for everyone. The level of sweetness is there only to soften the bitter notes enough to appreciate all the naturally occurring flavor notes in chocolate.

This particular chocolate blend showcases strong red berry fruit notes along with bold, roasted, nutty notes. The end is astringent and dry, with rich cocoa notes in the aftertaste. There is a hint of earth and paper throughout.

The texture is velvety smooth and the bite is hard and crisp.

Sometimes an intensely sweet chocolate or one rich in creamy flavors can make you want to be done eating before you can honestly say you’ve enjoyed it. Or sometimes you are done but feeling that something is still missing.

The nice thing about eating this chocolate is that your mouth doesn’t experience any flavor fatigue. Nor is there any lack of satisfaction!

Guittard Nocturne is full of flavor and surprisingly easy to enjoy in spite of the low sugar content.

I Remember When...

This is not your mother’s unsweetened baking chocolate. You know what I’m talking about –remember when you were a kid, and you accidentally thought the square of baking chocolate was a candy bar, only to find yourself involuntarily spitting it out and vowing never to eat sugarless chocolate again?

And then, of course, you had the realization that you knew something your gullible little brother didn’t know... (wait, did I just share that publicly? oops.)

So, that’s in the past. Now you are a grown up and can handle a grown-up, sophisticated, and hard-core chocolate taste experience!

Go ahead, give it try. I double dog dare you.


Dr. Hervé Bellanger received his B.S. from the University of Bourgogne and his M.S. degree in materials, quality, and management from the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis. He worked with the Prof. Frédéric Guittard and obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2012 from the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis. His research interests are focused on the synthesis of monomers and the growth of conducting polymers and on superoleophobicity.


Dr. Thierry Darmanin obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2008 from the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis under the supervision of Prof. Frederic Guittard. He was then as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. François Rossi at the Joint Research Centre (European Commission, Ispra, Italy). His work involved the elaboration and characterization of nanoparticles. In 2009, he rejoined Prof. Frederic Guittard at the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis as an Associate Professor. His research interests focus on superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surfaces, the electrochemical processes of deposition, and bioinspired and biomimetic materials and systems.


Dr. Elisabeth Taffin de Givenchy was born in Paris in 1970. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis (France, 1997) for her work on highly fluorinated thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the ATOFINA Chemicals’ Research Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. In 2001, she joined Prof. Frederic Guittard’s research group at the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis where she is currently an Associate Professor. Her current research interests include the synthesis and study of self-assembled structures and the development of nonleaching bioactive surfaces.


Dr Frédéric Guittard is Professor at the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis (France) with more than 20 years of experience in organic and fluorine chemistry, surfaces and interfaces, bioinspired and advanced materials, and surface wettability. He has coauthored more than 130 journal papers and attended 50 international conferences as an invited speaker. His present research interests include bioinspired and biobased chemistry and materials.

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